Exploring the cause and effect of species diversity patterns in a rapidly changing world

About my Research

I am a freshwater ecologist interested in species diversity patterns and how biological communities respond to environmental change. I am also a field biologist who integrates experiments, observational studies, and systematic reviews (meta-analyses) with statistical modelling and data science to address pressing scientific questions about the natural world. Current focal projects are assessing impacts of stocked fisheries and climate change on mountain lake communities, uncovering links between human land-use, water quality, and harmful algal blooms, testing patterns of zooplankton biodiversity, evaluating inland fish communities for conservation, investigating the ecology and downstream impacts of urban stormwater ponds, and developing theory to predict the cumulative effects of multiple interacting stressors. My research applies a quantitative approach to advance ecological understanding of global change processes and inform conservation and policy.


Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology University of Toronto, St. George Campus
Toronto, Ontario

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